Register General Department

The Registrar General Department is comprised of three offices. These are:
  1. The Industrial Property Office
  2. The Deeds Registry and
  3. The Registry of Marriages


The functions of the office are:
  1. To administer Industrial Property Rights;
  2. Provision of Technological Information to the Public,
  3. Promoting Inventiveness, and awareness in The Gambia
  4. Provision of Training in Industrial Property.

On the content of the Registrar General's Office, there could be a Main Menu of the

Under each subject of the above there will be a detail explanation of the term being referred to. There should be a registration under the terms and the basic procedures involved the process of registration and off course the links for the forms as well.

Under the TRADEMARK Menu we shall have the following links:

  1. About Trademarks
  2. Requirements for registration of Trademarks
  3. Examination
  4. Trademark Registration Procedure
  5. Advertisement
  6. Period of protection
  7. Marid marks Systems
DOWNLOADS under downloads we can have the various forms issued by the office with regards to registration procedures and also the IP regulation, IP Acts, Trademark Fees, ARIPO Patent Application Fees, and various agreements signed by the office. Another column may provide information on current affairs in the office IP JOURNALS for the various publication done after registration to the public and in a downloadable format and in the series as they are being published


The following are registered at this office:
  1. Assignments,
  2. Mortages,
  3. Vesting Deeds,
  4. Conveyance,
  5. The registration fee for any of the above is One Thousand Dalasi (1000.00)
  6. Miscellaneous Deeds
  7. Partnership Deeds,
  8. Powers of Attorney,
  9. Letters of Authority,
  10. Affidavits, etc.
  11. The registration fee for miscellaneous deeds is Five Hundred Dalasi (500)
  12. Proof of payement of stamp duty from the Gambia Revenue Authority is also required.


This office performs the following:
  1. Civil Marriages,
  2. Prepares spinster and bachelor certificates
  3. Authenticates Muslims and Church marriages.

CIVIL MARRIAGES ( Requirements)

  1. Collection of the prescribe form from the office
  2. Completed form to be returned to the office
  3. Copy of passport to be submitted
  4. Divorce certificate if any, to be submitted
Death certificate must also be submitted if one of the parties lost his or her former spouse. Where a divorce/death certificate is in a language other than English, a certified translation of the document must be provided. Marriage fees as follows:
  1. Where both parties are either citizens of The Gambia or a citizen of Ecowas (SIX THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DALASIS)- D6,500.00
  2. Where one party is either a citizen of The Gambia or a citizen of Ecowas and the other party is neither a Gambian nor a citizen of Ecowas D15,000.000 (FIFTEEN THOUSAND DALASIS)
  3. Where bth parties are neither citizens of The Gambia nor citizens of Ecowas D20,000 (TWENTY THOUSAND DALASIS)


Application to present certificate from cadi or pastor with a fee of 3000.00(Three Thousand dalasi)


Muslim marriage certificate required in order to prepare Divorce Certificate. Application fee is D3000.00 (Three thousand dalasi)


Applicant to provide the following:
  1. Copy of passport or national identity card
  2. An affidavit from a commissioner of oath or Notary Public
  3. Application fee is D500.00 (Five Hundred Dalasis)

The Attorney General's Chamber, exists to entrench at the core of the body politic and abiding respect for the Rule of Law and a constant observance of human Rights, to ensure equality of access to Justice and treatment before the Law for all citizens, to promote by law social justice to facilitate the operations of a fair, efficient and transparent legal system and to propagate a culture of due process and legality for these purposes. The Ministry acts as the defender of the constitutional order, the guarantor of the rights and liberties of the citizens, the protector of the state legal interest, the enforcer of the criminal laws, the developer of the human resources of the legal sector and the championing of the rule of law.